joi, 22 septembrie 2011

Publicatiile Initiativei pentru Guvernare Locala si Serviciul Public din Budapesta

Local taxation and informal economies2011August
Working together - Intermunicipal Cooperation in Five Central European Countries2011August
Public-Private Partnerships2011March
Transparecy of local budgets - instrument for efficient use of funds at the local level2011February
Governing Decentralized Education Systems2010December
A Practical Guide to Building Local Government2010October
Managing Multiethnic Cities in South Eastern Europe2010June
Strategic Planning for Local Development2010June
Territorial Consolidation Reforms in Europe2010February
Making Government Accountable - Local Government Audit in Postcommunist Europe2010January
Who Decides? Development, Planning, Services, and Vulnerable Groups2009June
LGI Annual Report 20082009June
Public Money for Public Schools2009April
It is good to lead well - The ABC book of good leadership2009
Mixes, Matches, and Mistakes - New Public Management in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics2008October
Mind Your Own Business! - Community Governance in Rural Municipalities2008October

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